10 signs you've spent too much time in Australia

Australia Thongs

Australia is often heralded as the golden country.....where opportunities are boundless and dreams are made. Blessed with abundant resources, spectacular coastlines, and a temperate climate it's a vibrant dynamic place for both young and old.

But what many visitors to this magnificent country often say, is what really defines Australia are the Australians.

More often referred to as the 'Aussies' their quirky mannerisms, bold humour and sometimes bizarre customs are renowned throughout the world.  Whether you're here on holiday, travelling, studying, working, retiring or anywhere in between check out these 10 signs to discover if you might have just become one.

Give yourself one point for every YES, and tally up your score at the end.

1) "How's it going" or more appropriately "Haaas it gaaaain" is your greeting of choice.

2) You abbreviate every word and more often than not finish it on an 'o' - arvo, servo, smoko, Davo become part of your everyday vocabulary.

3) Morning tea breaks, smoko breaks, doona days become part of your everyday working life....and you don't even smoke.

4) You DON'T drink Fosters.

5) You have a token pair of budgie smugglers in your swim collection for when you're feeling daring.

6) Lawn bowls has become one of your favourite pastimes.

7) Thongs are daily wear (and not the butt chafing kind).

8) Pukka Pies topped with mashed potato and mushy peas form part of your staple diet.

9) A highlight of your weekend is a Friday night flutter with a schooner in hand on the pokies

10) Your Barbecue skills have become a measure of your manhood.


< 3/10: You're about as Aussie as a Hungarian Salami

3-5/10: You're willing to consider joining the Aussie's in the campaign for the originators of the Pavlova but you're still not 100% convinced.

5-7/10: You're a luke warm Aussie, neck down a few more VB's whilst stoking your Sunday arvo sausage sizzler and you're a whisker away.

8+/10: Congrats you're just about on track to being considered a fully fledged Aussie! Celebrate your achievement with a day at the races. Get dressed up to the nines, drink copious amounts of cheap sparkling, dig your heels into the grass and stack it race-side in the most spectacular fashion then head home to celebrate your wins with a cheeky pee stop on the way.

Written by a soon to be Aussie...

Aimee Preece