5 Top Tips in Planning an Unforgettable Birthday Party

You’re never too old to throw an unforgettable birthday party! It’s a fact in the modern digital age we’re working harder than ever before with family time increasingly at a premium… So why not make your next Birthday a super special occasion to share quality time with family, friends and the people you love.

Without further hesitation, here are 5 top tips to make your next Birthday Celebration one to remember:

1)   ‘To fail to plan is to plan to fail’

Planning in advance is crucial for two reasons:

One - to ensure you give your friends and family plenty of notice to make arrangements, organize babysitters, grab a prezzie ;) etc. so you have all of the people you want and love at your special celebration. Send the invitations out as early as possible with name, address, date, timings and need to know’s so all of your nearest and dearest are informed and can start getting excited for the upcoming event! Save trees and send out e-invites through paperlesspost.com

Two – to get the best choice in venues, transport, activities and/or accommodation it’s simply a case of the earlier you book the better! And often the earlier you book the more competitive the price, get in before the bookings fill up and availability is at a premium.

2)    Location, location, location

The choice in venue is a major component in creating the atmosphere you’re seeking for your perfect Birthday celebration. If you’re looking for that free-spirited summer lovin’ vibe why not soak up the sun in a reserved area in a rooftop bar or outdoor terrace. If you want to add the wow-factor a chartered catamaran cruise is always highly popular and is often far more affordable than anticipated. If you’re planning on all out glitz and glam a private cabana in a stylish inner city bar followed by VIP guest-list at an inner-city nightclub always hits the spot. If your venue choice requires travel why not make it easy for all of your guests and organize group transport. Often this works out cheaper than taxi’s, is far more convenient and can be a real highlight of the celebration if you opt for a fun PartyBus or LimoBus transport experience.

3)    A feast for a king (& queen – to be PC)

There are a host of restaurant and catering options to choose from for a range of budgets. If your celebration spans lunch or dinner, a two or three course meal is a great way to fuel the tank and kick-off the fun. Sharing platters are a great way to encourage social interaction with a mixed group of guests, but be sure to consider any special dietary requirements when pre-ordering the catering. If you’re looking at a late evening, after-dinner gathering light canapés or tapas are a great option and usually offer an affordable way to include a light bite during the celebration.

4)    Games and activities

Why not pump up the fun and up the ante with an engaging interactive party activity. Not only with this give your Birthday celebration a unique twist beyond just drinks and a bite to eat, but also creates great social interaction between your guests. There are countless options available to choose from, including a Cocktail Masterclass, Masterchef cook-off, Cupcake Class, nude art (for those that are a tad more risqué) and many more. These unique experiences often include ‘quickest’ and ‘best’ competitions which generate fun competitive rivalry and a guarantee of a memorable celebration for all involved!

5)    Enjoy yourself

As obvious as this one sounds, be sure to enjoy yourself. A well organized Birthday celebration offers a great way to catch up, celebrate and share quality time with family and friends. Set some time aside on the week leading up to the event to organize your outfit, get groomed, get in the mood to party and switch off from the stresses and pressures of the day to day. Once everyone has arrived at the event consider turning your phone off to remove any work distractions and focus on those that are important in your life. Even better engage a Party Planning company to look after everything for you, take the stress away so all you have to worry about is having a great time.

So, this Birthday, I challenge you to make it one to remember.

Dan Udall

MD Extraordinary Events

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