3 Unique Ideas for Bucks Activities

So there’s a tried and tested formula that tends to work a treat for Bucks Parties. 

  • Part 1 -Kick off with an ice-breaker for all the boys to get to know each other. Plan out an awesome Bucks activity designed to get the boys adrenaline pumping. 
  • Part 2 - After a short break in between to get changed and refreshed follow this up with a hearty mans feast accompanied by a drinks pack to line the stomachs for the night ahead. 
  • Part 3 - Finish up with guest-list entry and perhaps even a reserved area at a premier bar or club. 

Here’s some unique Bucks ideas to help you nail Part 1.

Axe Throwing

Experience the primal thrill of throwing hatchets at wooden targets while challenging your fellow Bucks to see who is the Axe Throwing Champ. Why we love it - so unconventional, most have never tried it before. 10/10 for a Unique Bucks Idea!


Bubble Soccer

Jump on the latest craze and host a Bucks that’s right on trend with a game of Bubble Soccer. Bounce and roll around in inflatable orb like balls.  Knock your opponents over until their legs are hilariously flailing up in the air! Why we love it - it’s a whole bunch of outdoorsy fun that’s sidesplittingly fun!

JetPacking Sydney.png

Jet Packing

Another super craze that’s taking hold - Jet Packing and Fly Boarding. Bucks can opt for a water-jet powered pack to be strapped to their back or feet, then soar into the sky like superman reincarnate. What we love - experience what it feels like to be a superhero for the afternoon! Plus it’s a great spectator sport for non-participating members of the Bucks party.