5 of the BEST Buck’s Party Pranks

We’ve scoured the net and pulled together a collection of the 5 most HILARIOUS Buck’s Party Pranks Ever Made….Check out these bad boys:

1. The Smurf

This one’s got to be seen to be believed! This Buck was whisked away on holiday by his mates and they all clubbed together and bought him a midget. But they didn’t just leave it there…! They painted the midget blue, dressed him up as a smurf and handcuffed him to the groom. So for four days the groom and smurf had to eat, sleep, drink and… suffice to say, they were close by the end of the weekend.


2. The Gaffer

This one almost has to be commended for its creativity. The mates of this Buck were obviously dab hands in the creative arts department! Grab some of your strongest gaffer tape and tape the poor un-expecting stag to the nearest pole/lamppost, preferably in a public place, snap plenty of pics and publicise it across facebook…genius!

3. Sweet Cheeks

This is another one of those 'get the stag drunk and send him to bed', when he awakes he will find a mars bar pushed between his butt cheeks from the night before, so the whole thing will be a gooey brown mess.

Pity the fella who has to place the mars bar!


4. Run Rabbit Run

If you're planning on booking the boys in for a round of paintball, why not dress the buck up as hunt fodder, like a rabbit or a duck? Not only can you capture on camera hilarious photo's of the Buck prancing around the bush in a stupid costume, you've got a genuine excuse to go after him with a vengeance.


5. Fake Tan

The more socially acceptable form of face painting…grab a girlfriends fake tan, get the groom merry, wait until he’s sound asleep and plaster a decent dollop of fake tan on his face.  Or even just half of his face. Revel in the delight as he wakes up in the morning none the wiser!


But remember be responsible and play safe!

Over and Out

Dan, OzParty Events