5 steps to forming your 2015 School Formal Committee A-Team

Ok, so second to your wedding day – your School Formal is one of the most monumental events of your life.

It represents a celebration of finding friends for life and laying the foundations of the rest of your lives.

 And the whole School Formal Planning Process starts out with selection of your School Formal Committee members. Get this right and you’re off to a great start. Delegation is key! Try and go it alone and face almost certain School Formal overload!

Now most School Formal Planning Guides will recommend you nominate a chairperson, a secretary, a treasurer etc. etc. . This is fine…if you were born in the 1970’s.

Here at OzParty we feel it’s important to get up to date with the C21 and talk School Formal planning in your language! So here we go:

Step 1)  Identify Committee Roles

Develop a list of your School Formal Committee Roles with key responsibilities for each.  Remember the more exciting the roles are the more likely you’re going to get students to get involved in the nomination process.

Top Tier Committee Roles:

The Big Kahuna – This guy or gal is at the top of the tree and is responsible for overseeing the entire School Formal Planning Process. This person needs to be on top of their game, highly organized, disciplined and committed. This is not a role to be taken lightly.

The Banker – Responsible for preparing and managing the budget. Controlling supplier payments and tracking incoming student ticket payments and fundraiser payments. As this role carries a lot of responsibility we recommend sharing it with a teacher to ensure all protocols are complied with.

The Scribe – Responsible for preparing agendas. Documenting all discussion notes and follow-up action items.  Generally suitable for someone who is highly organized and most likely spends their weekends trawling through the latest releases at Kikki-K.

Sub-committee roles


Don’t sub-divide these into too many roles as it quickly becomes a case of too many cooks spoil the broth! Group obvious inter-related categories together. And again develop your own fun and unique titles to generate more interest in joining the School Formal Committee.

Fundraising – In order to ensure your School Formal is the best on record you may need to  nominate a student member who is responsible for coordinating fundraising activities for the Big Day. There are plenty of easy School Formal fundraising ideas out there that you can use to generate awareness and funds for your cause. Check out our Fundraising blog for more ideas >>

Venue, Drinks & Catering – this committee member is responsible for researching and developing a list of potential School Formal venues for the committee to assess. Venue inspections may also be organized. Once a suitable venue is selected the drinks and catering package is presented to the committee and chosen. Additional beverage and catering options may be selected such as chocolate fountains, cocktails on arrival, a dessert buffet plus many more. 

Music & Entertainment -  The right choice in your School Formal DJ can be the difference between night and day. Your DJ must have a longstanding reputation for great sets as well as a diverse song repertoire. Be sure to collect some song requests from students in your year such that the music gets everyone on the dance floor busting out the grooves. You may also opt for a band to lift the roof on the party and even personalize the night with some performances from talented students such as musical performances, comedy sketches, dance-offs and more. And don’t forget the speeches! At the very least there will be a couple of thankyou’s for the efforts of the committee but also consider a bit of fun with Prom King & Queen.

Theming , Invitations and Table Decorations – Theming can be simple (with a theme set around school colours) or extravagant with las vegas style staging or a venetian masked ball. Some venues offer internal theming, for others you may need to source an external theming productions company to add the wow-factor to your event. Invitations will need to mirror your selected colour theme. Our recommendation – keep invites environmentally friendly with paperless post e-invites. >>  

Seating Plan, Dietary & Special Requirements – This is the important detail that takes time but ensures the School Formal runs seamlessly. A well thought out seating plan grouping friends and social groups is essential for a hassle free night. This sub-committee member is also responsible for determining Dietary requirements advising the venue and noting it on the seating plan.

Transport & Additional Services -  You may be able to organize discounted rates for multiple bookings through a nominated transport company. Brush up on your skills of negotiation and see what you can do. Some School Formal companies (ourselves included) offer discounted transport and after-parties for all School Formal bookings. 

Step 2)  Committee Member Nominations

Once Step 1) is complete it’s time to invite students to nominate themselves or others to fill the roles.

Grab a voting box, locate it at the year-group notice boards in school with a pile of voting slips –

I, …[INSERT NAME]…nominate:

FULL NAME:………………………... for


Pin-up the available roles behind the voting box on a piece of A3 paper with the rules for voting (i.e. You may only vote one person for each role. You may nominate yourself for up to two roles).

Steal a 5-minute time slot at the next year-group meeting and outline the School Formal voting process. Make sure you put across how important it is that everyone participates so that the End of Year School Formal is a reflection of everyone’s tastes and styles in the year and is the best that it can be.

Set a deadline for voting to create urgency (5-days). If you have insufficient votes by this time simply extend by a further 5-days.

Encourage your form/tutor group teachers to set aside 5-mins for students to go and place their votes.

For a cheap effective voting box See >> VOTING BOX 

It’s tempting to skip voting and simply handpick members from the year based on personal opinion.

HOWEVER from our experience this part of the process is important for generating interest and enthusiasm from students early on in the School Formal Planning Process. After-all the best School Formals are those where the entire year are excited and engaged by what’s to come and the sign-up rate is close to 100%. 

Step 3) Announce Selected Committee Members

Have a friend assist you in counting the votes and draw up your School Formal Committee.

Steal another 5-minute window at the next year-group meeting and announce the School Formal committee. Be sure to invite the committee members to stand up so they can be recognized and acknowledged.

Congratulate them with a cheer and a round of applause 

Step 4)  Committee Member Meet & Greet

Keep up the momentum and organize a committee member meet and greet within 10-days after the committee is selected.

Lunchtime, before school start or straight after school is usually best.

Take this opportunity to congratulate everyone again and be sure to collect and record everyone’s name, email address and contact number.

This is the ideal platform to start bouncing early ideas around as well as outlining the responsibilities of each member.

Step 5) Keep up the Comms

 Throughout the School Formal Planning Process it’s crucial you have effective ways of communicating with the committee and the student body.

Our top tip suggestions are as follows:

  • Create a whatsapp group and invite all committee members to join. This is a great way of throwing out ideas to the committee on the fly for discussion.
  • Create a Private School Formal Facebook Crew Page where the School Formal Commitee can further discuss School Formal Ideas, School Formal Themes, Venues and more.
  • Create a School Formal Facebook Event and invite all students.  Through regular posting this is a great way to promote interest and  hype for the School Formal on the build up as well as harnessing ideas from outside of the committee and to whip up a frenzy of excitement around the event.

Okay, so all that’s left to say is good luck with the formation of your School Formal Committee! And of course if there’s anything we can do to assist you in making sure this year’s School Formal is as extraordinary as it can be get in touch, you know where we are! 

OzParty School Formal Packages >> OZPARTY SCHOOL FORMALS 

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