6 Fun School Formal Fundraising Ideas that REALLY work!

You want your School Formal to be the night of your lives but you need to generate some funds for the Formal pot to make it truly extraordinary?! Here's some winning ideas to inject a dose of dollar to the School Formal Committee Fund.




Talent Night – Showcase the School’s talent and ask Students to sing, dance, tell jokes, play music to raise money for the Formal. Create a [INSERT SCHOOL NAME’S] GOT TALENT NIGHT and sell tickets to friends and family.



What’s Cooking Good Looking – Compile student recipes into your own school cookbook, and rake in the $$ by selling them to teachers, parents, the community and students. Maybe even bake a few of the fave recipes and sell them before a school football match or major event. You’ll be surprised how many budding chefs you have in your midst!  



Coffee & Muffins Morning – Draw in the crowds with the enticing aroma of freshly brewed coffee and baked muffins. Organize a coffee morning and greet students, and staff with a steaming cup of delicious coffee and scrumptious muffins. Grab a coffee trolley, take morning orders and deliver to classrooms and the staff room to keep the dollars rolling in through the day. Get creative and bake muffin mixed in with various chocolate bars from snickers, smarties, crunchies and dime bars.  Or even add edible icing pictures of the teachers on the top!



Green Fingered Fun – Setup an “adopt-a-tree” program that brings in the community to the school and your fundraising efforts. Pinpoint an area in the grounds of the school that has space available for plantings. Next, seek advice from a garden shop as to what trees will flourish and persuade them to donate a few trees in exchange for a plaque advertising the generous donation. Setup a student workgroup to tend to and care for the trees.  Request members of the community and parents “adopt” a tree in exchange for having his or her name printed on a tag that is attached to an adopted tree’s limbs.  



Razor Show – Convince a member of the prom committee to have his or her head shaved and charge students $10 to watch the fun. This one is always a sure fire winner!




Mental Masking – Convince an outgoing teacher to get involved with the fundraising activities and charge $10 to add a piece of masking tape to pin them to the wall. Step back and watch the dollars come rolling in....!

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