AMAZING 21st Birthday Party Ideas.

Ok so there are some milestone Birthday’s in life…

 Sweet 16th….

The ‘Handover the Car Keys’ 17th Birthday...

The ‘I’m hitting up the Clubs’ 18th Birthday...

And ‘Where did my 20’s go – it was all a bit of a blur ‘ 30th Birthday....

But nothing calls for an EPIC party more than a 21st Birthday Party.

It signifies ‘coming of age’, reaching adulthood,  legalized drinking in the US, but whatever the symbolic meaning, it‘s undeniably the perfect excuse to throw an EPIC celebration that you and your guests will remember forevermore! 

Now you just need Ideas…and this is where we come in:

1)   The ‘Stars for a Day’ 21st Birthday Party

 Grab 22 of your closest mates together and hit up Sydney’s swankiest clubs VIP style. Receive red carpet pick-up on a H2 Stretch Hummer. Cruise the city in super style whilst streaming your fave chart topping tracks and raising a glass of champagne onboard.

Arrive at a TOP Super Club – if you're in Sydney we would suggest Marquee , Home, Argyle or The Ivy. Get yourselves on the VIP guestlist entry (we can help you with crazy guest-list deals!) and party the night away in complete style and glamour.

Why not stretch the budget and go for a VIP reserved booth with table service… 

2)   The ‘Rockstars’ 21st Birthday Party

Why not  jump on a super cool chartered PartyBus with you and up to 50 mates and hop between your fave bars and clubs.

Enjoy BYO drinks to keep the celebration nice and cheap for all your mates. Bring your ipod or smart phone and stream your fave tunes on the state of the art light and sound system. Bust out the shapes and use the microphone to personalise the night with a few Birthday shout-outs.  Throw on a DJ to rock the party.  A stellar Party on Wheels 21st Birthday Experience! Afterall why walk when you can PartyBus?!

3)   The ‘Cruising Like a Cool Cat’ 21st Birthday Party 

Where better to spend a 21st than cruising one of the most spectacular harbours in the world – Sydney harbour.

Charter your own private vessel for the afternoon and decorate to suit your theme/colours. Cruise around, soak up the sun, enjoy a sizzling BBQ and BYO chilled drinks to keep things affordable for everyone. Maybe hop off for a dip at a beautiful sandy cove.  Take in the views, grab some awesome photos at iconic stops with you and your mates for the Facebook album with the backdrop of Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. 

4)   Dinner for Royalty

We all love great food served up by fun and friendly hosts in a great atmosphere! Consider celebrating your 21st birthday in a funky restaurant with a buzzing atmosphere and a reputation for top notch service and catering. 

Perhaps select a 21st Birthday venue with live music or a cocktail mixology bar or a private luxe lounge room that you and your guests can exclusively enjoy for your celebration.

Consider adding a theme or fancy dress to the dinner to add extra fun to the celebration.  Some of our popular suggestions include Viva Las Vegas, Hollywood, Gatsby and Murder Mystery. And an EPIC celebration cake is an absolute MUST! 

5)   I’m a competitive beast, it’s my 21st and I’m going to win! 

Try something you’ve never done before like a fun, interactive activity that’ll get everyone involved and bring out your guests competitive streaks!

Popular ideas include – For the Boys: Masterchef cook-off. Go Kart Racing. Jet Packing. Paintballing. Jet Boating. And for the girls: Cocktail masterclass, cupcake making, Parisian MasterChef Classes, Deluxe High Tea, Burlesque or Pole Dancing...

Team up any of these activities with super fun transport and a kick-ass after-party at a top inner city nightlife venue!


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