10 Epic Event Ideas for your Work Social Committee

It’s 2017. I don’t need to tell you how integral a well orchestrated team social calendar is in creating high performing, high functioning cohesive working units. The known benefits in relation to increased communication skills, teamwork, problem solving, innovation, creativity, leadership and team morale are widely documented.

Where many organisations struggle is sourcing inspiration for event ideas and team building activities that are aligned with company strategy and serve to engage and excite employees.

Here’s a handpicked selection of 10 popular team building activities and social events to get your creative juices flowing. Many events and activities can be tailored to suit the unique requirements and culture of the team, and the organisation in which they function.

Clay Pigeon Shooting Sydney

1. Action-Packed Team Building Adventures

Here’s a team building idea that’s fun, adrenaline filled and promotes focus, concentration and a healthy sense of competition set in a unique environment. Clay pigeon shooting over the open water is safe (neither the guns nor pigeons are real!), and with the option of shooting at spectacular locations such as Sydney Harbour and Melbourne’s Docklands, Clay Pigeon Shooting on the harbour certainly makes for an unforgettable, exhilarating team day out.

Key Skills Developed: Focus, Concentration, Competition, Performance

2. Adrenaline-Filled Team Building Activities

This one’s not for the faint-hearted! Offering incredible views of the harbour all the way out to the Blue Mountains, the world-famous Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb certainly lives up to its hype. This is a true once-in-a-lifetime experience for your team that’s sure to get your team’s energy lifted and enthusiasm pumping!

  • Key Skills Developed: Breaking barriers (not literally!), Overcoming fear, Team Bonding, Following instruction, Appreciation of Safety.
Luxury Cruise Sydney

3. Luxury Team Building Experiences

Picture this: you and your team enjoying spectacular sunset views whilst cruising across crystal blue waters, sipping on the finest sparkling. Reward your hardworking team or perhaps celebrate a company milestone aboard a luxury boat cruise across Sydney Harbour or Melbourne’s Yarra River. A well planned cruise also offers the ideal platform to promote out-of-the-box thinking in an inspirational environment.

  • Key Skills Developed: Collaboration, communication, group discussion out-of-the-box thinking in a unique off-land environment.
Viva Las Vegas Party

4. Interactive Team Building Ideas

There’s no need to travel to Las Vegas or Monte Carlo to experience the magic of the golden strip! A Las Vegas-themed party at a top-class venue - complete with red carpet, casino tables, canapes, drinks and entertainment - is a great way to give your team a dose of VIP treatment, whilst subliminally promoting team socialisation, healthy competition and interaction.

  • Key Skills Developed: Team Socialisation, Cross-functional engagement and interaction, Healthy Competition, Risk management! 
Escape Rooms

5. Brain-Busting Team Challenges

If solving perplexing puzzles and riddles against a ticking clock is right up your team’s street, then there’s nothing more thrilling than an Escape Room Experience. Teams are ‘locked’ in a room filled with cluespuzzles and red herrings, and must work together to solve the mysteries and break their way out. It’s a fantastic opportunity for your team to put their problem-solving and logic skills to use in a fun and collaborative way.

  • Key Skills Developed: Teamwork, Logic, Problem solving, Leadership, Communication, Competitive, Decision Making, Time effectiveness
The Amazing Race Sydney

6. Fun Team Building Activities

Everyone’s seen the TV show ‘The Amazing Race’ - but did you know that your staff can compete in their very own Amazing Race? This scavenger hunt-style challenge will get your team’s brains ticking, taking them to your city’s most iconic landmarks along the way. At the end of the day, reward their hard work with a well-deserved, first-class dinner at a gourmet restaurant.

  • Key Skills Developed: Teamwork, Logic, Problem solving, Leadership, Communication, Competitive, Time effectiveness
Family Fun Day

7. Family Fun Days

For an exciting, family-friendly day out, why not throw an old-school, vintage-style picnic in the park? It’s the perfect opportunity to get your team and their families together to enjoy the sunshine, good food, and entertaining outdoor games. Simplicity at its best.

  • Key Skills Developed: Great platform for staff motivation, collaboration, reward and/or as part of a cultural change program

8. Outdoor Team Building Activities

For a great outdoor team building idea, this one ticks all of the boxes. Get the team into the great outdoors and plunge into a bunch of adrenaline-filled activities such as high ropes, ziplining, flying foxes. and even free falling! 

  • Key Skills Developed: Coordination, Teamwork, Motivation, Interpersonal skills, Leadership, Communication, Time effectiveness

9. Foodie Team Treats

If your team are food and wine connoisseurs, a day at Sydney or Melbourne’s best wine trails makes for a fun and gourmet team outing! A winery tour is often educations and provides unique opportunity to sample the finest wines and delicious local produce, all whilst socialising and enjoying the breathtaking scenery.

  • Key Skills Developed: Interpersonal skills, Sensory, Reward
Sydney Cooking Class

10. Team Building Cooking Classes

Put your team’s cooking and creativity skills to the test (and encourage a little healthy Masterchef-style competition!) with a fun, hands-on team cooking class. Cooking classes in Sydney and Melbourne are available for virtually every cuisine imaginable and are hosted in a variety of environments from commercial kitchens, to private function spaces to pop-up cooking classes hosted in the office!

  • Key Skills Developed: Cookery! Interpersonal skills, Following Instruction, Sensory, Creativity, Competitive,

There are a plethora of Brilliant Team Building Activities available. If you’d like some expert help with planning your next team building event or your complete annual team social agenda, get in touch.

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