Top Celebrity 18th Birthday Parties

Looking for ideas for your upcoming 18th Birthday Party Celebrations?

Well why not take some 18th Birthday inspiration straight from those that have done it in unsurpassed Celebrity style.

Read on and be wowed by the Birthday extravagances of an 18 year old super star...

Justin Bieber

Where: Bieber was thrown a surprise bash by his manager Scott Braun and mom Patti Mallette @ the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, Los Angeles

When: March 2nd 2012, the day after Justin’s official birthday

Who: The VIP celebrity guest-list included A-listers such as Selena Gomez, Kim Kardashian, Kylie and Kendall Jenner, Mike Tyson, Ashley Tisdale plus more…

 The Outfit: Justin was dressed to the nines in a stylish black and white suit.

The Present: Bieber scored a one-of-a kind Fisker Karma eco-friendly sports-car as a gift from Braun with a reported price-tag of $102,000.

We Love: Justin mingled throughout with friends and family whilst showing the love to Selena who he held by his side throughout the celebrations. Feeling the Love.

Here’s an insider vid of the Bieber party action  >>


Miley Cyrus

Where: Trousdale Nigthclub, Hollywood

When: November 21st 2010, 2-days before her official birthday on November 23rd 2010.

Who: The VIP celebrity guest-list included Demi Moore, Kelly Osbourne, Ke$ha and more. Miley celebrated with her mum Tish but her dad Billy Ray couldn’t make the party due to work commitments in Nashville

The Outfit: Catwoman move aside; Black Leather skin-tight pants with stud detailing coupled with black leather crop top and gold costume jewellery.  Raaarrrrrrrr. Miley also bought herself a pair of sparkly glitzy shoes as a gift to herself for her birthday but she didn’t’ wear them for the party. 

The Controversy: A pic leaked of  Canadian actor Avan jogia giving Miley a very personal intimate Birthday gift on her neck...wit woooo

We Love: Miley chose to dedicate her entire Birthday month to celebrations. 30 days of happiness. Awesome! Plus she choreographed a routine with her mum that she performed in front of her friends. Go Girl Power!!

Here’s Miley gearing up for her 18th birthday celebrations >>


Kendall Jenner

Where: Kendall was truly spoilt rotten for her 18th Birthday with a double celebration. The first was a more extravagant affair was held at 2the 60-acre Six Flags Magic Mountain Themepark which the Kardashian Clan private hired for the entire day for their girl. The second was a more intimate gathering with close family at a masquerade-themed dinner at Mastros Steakhouse in Beverly Hills. 

When: The Magic Mountain Extravanganza was held on Oct 29 with the smaller intimate dinner on Nov 3. with the family. 

Who: The celebrations were largely attended by Kendall’s close friends and family.

The Outfit: Kendall kept the attire casual and cool with Jeans, white pumps a grey tee and hoodie to explore the theme park with ease accompanied by her friends and fam. The Beverly Hills private dinner was masquerade themed adding a drop of fun, mystery and sparkle to the celebration. 

The Controversy: It’s rumoured Kendall received numerous offers on the date of her 18th to star in a number of adult movies worth several million dollars. An offer she abruptly declined. Choose Dignity over Dollar - Wise move Kendall! 

We Love: The family redecorated Kendall's room for her birthday. She's the birthday princess! How to make a girl feel special J

Here’s a clip of the adventurous day spent with the Kardashions at Magi Mountain >>