Why A Cruise Event Should Be On Your Sydney Bucket List

Heading to Sydney on your travels around Australia?

Of course you are!

It’s an exciting city with tons to see and do and no Australia trip would be complete without it. We’d also argue that no trip to Sydney would be complete without experiencing a harbour cruise.

After all, when will you get the experience again to cruise through one of the most beautiful and iconic harbours in the world? This is why attending a harbour cruise event should be on your Sydney bucket list.

What Is a Sydney Party Harbour Cruise?

You’ve probably seen one of the Sydney harbour cruise event boats glide by while you are admiring the view of the harbour - they are hard to miss. The catchy tunes and happy cheers carry across the water and you can see the people dancing up a storm on the rooftop deck of the boat.

You’ll think to yourself, “They are having way more fun than I am… how do I get onboard one of those boats?”

You see, these events aren’t just a scenic harbour cruise and they are different than other backpacker events in Sydney, they are also a fantastic party with food, live music, DJs, drinks and much more. You can spend the evening celebrating with hundreds of other party-goers, playing party games and having a lively night to remember.

Here are a few more of the reasons why you should absolutely book on the next Sydney harbour cruise:

It’s More Than An Ordinary Night Out

When it comes to enjoying a night out in Sydney, a cruise offers something a little different than drinking beers in your local pub. It’s a chance to mix and mingle out on the water, while surrounded by the sparkling lights of the city and admiring the Harbour Bridge, the Opera House and the other Sydney major harbour landmarks.

You’ll Get Epic Photos

There’s only so many good views of the harbour you can find on land - some of the best vantage points for snapping amazing photos for Instagram or your blog will be from the water. You’ll see the city from a different perspective and you’ll be able to take some incredible photos that will make you smile years from now when you think about your trip to Sydney.

You’ll Meet Other Cool Locals and Travellers

The Sydney cruise events are usually sold out, so that means that these boats will be packed with hundreds of locals and travellers from all over the world. You can mingle on the 360 degree wrap-around decks and the star-gazing terrace, or play party games and win prizes. It’s the ideal environment to strike up a conversation and meet people in Sydney.

Upcoming Sydney Cruise Events

So what are you waiting for? There’s rarely a long time between cruise events in Sydney, so here are some of the great ones to look forward to that will be coming up throughout the year. Get your friends together, book your ticket and enjoy one of the most exciting things to do in Sydney.