Top 5 Work Christmas Party Themes

We all know a Work Christmas Party can be more of an inconvenient annual workplace necessity than a long awaited opportunity to celebrate the year’s lows and lows with fellow team members.

It’s often the time of year in which colleagues become most creative… generating fresh and innovative excuses as to why they are unable to attend the upcoming festive bash.

But here at OzParty we firmly believe with a bit of advance planning, a lot of fizz and a sprinkling of magic the annual drab Work Christmas Party can in-fact turn out to be the highlight event of the Calendar.

It’s time to spice things up a bit this year with an easy to embrace yet fun and engaging Christmas party theme that gives a new edge to the otherwise average annual office festive bash.

1)   Masquerade

The best thing about this Christmas Party Theme is NO ONE in the office has any excuse not to get involved. This Christmas theme is so simple it can even work for Joe in the I.T department who skulks around the office sticking pins in his Santa Clause Voo Doo Doll and yelling Ba HumBug at anyone fostering any festive cheer!

Hit up the nearest PartyShop and buy a bunch of plain white Masquerade Masks. Setup a decoration station on a spare desk in the office with sequins, glitter, jewels, feathers, anything sparkly you can put your hands on and of course the obligatory glue.

Get everyone excited and engaged on the lead up to the work Christmas Party (including the boss) by inviting them to rekindle their arts and crafts talents at your DIY make your own mask station. Watch the creative flair ooze out of even the most non-creative team members (accounting and finance uh hum…).

Organise a cheeky award for the best mask to be handed out on the night.

2)   1920’s Great Gatsby

Transport the Team back to the roaring 20’s and glamorous flapper parties of the early century with a 1920’s Great Gatsby Christmas Party Theme. 

Select a glitzy speakeasy prohibition style saloon bar with intimate lighting, and vintage décor; a venue where Al Capone himself wouldn’t look out of place blowing cigar hoops in the corner surrounded by his female entourage.

Tailor the drinks menu to include ‘Bootleg’ Whiskeys and illicit cocktails. And create the 1920’s vibe with an authentic jazz band.

Be as bold and daring as you like with the 1920’s dress. Don a simple feather headdress with elegant bar shoes or amp it up with flapper skirts, feather bowers and pearls. A well-fitted waistcoat, pressed pants and high shine shoes would work well for the gentlemen contingent.

Contact us for recommended Sydney based venues.

3)   White Party

Yes it’s been done many times before. Yes it’s probably a tad Ibiza1990’s. And yes white is not the most forgiving colour. But it keeps coming back year in year out because it’s easy and it works really well as a Christmas Party Theme.

It’s timeless, it’s glamorous and with everyone donning the best white clobber it’s a great leveler and equally it gives a sense of team unity.

Why not couple this up with a ‘White Winter Wonderland’ Theme with white venue styling and theming, artificial snow and white cocktails.  The possibilities with this one are endless!

4)   Viva Las Vegas

Why not add some Vegas Glam to this year’s celebrations with a fun-filled, ostentatious, loud and proud Las Vegas themed Christmas Party.

Dress code is simply dress to impress.  Think slinky cocktail dresses, statement jewellery and killer heels. And for the guys, 007 is the dress code inspiration for this show-stopper of a theme. 

Team this up with a Vegas themed venue with paparazzi in position for guest arrival, casino tables and croupiers at the ready to test out your teams ‘gambling prowess, and of course the obligatory vespa martinins and canapés on tap.

Glamorous, entertaining and a little bit cheeky.

5)   Hollywood Star

Is there anything that brings back more fond memories than that of a blissful Childhood afternoon spent gazing at (and often doing your best at re-enacting) your all-time favourite Hollywood star?

A heavenly time where responsibilities were minimal and decision making extended to what flavor choc top you were pitching for after dinner treats. 

Well why not bring that sense of freedom and adventure to this years Christmas Party Bash with a Hollywood Star Theme.

Encourage team members to dress up as their fave Childhood Hollywood Star whether it be one of the all time classics - Audrey Hepburn,  Marilyn Monroe,  Laurence Olivier, Harrison Ford, through to modern day faves such as Jonny Depp, Pamela Anderson and Russell Crowe.

 The best fancy dress effort are ripe for winning 2 x Gold Class Cinema Tickets as well as a whole heap of bragging rights for the rest of the year.

Have an UNFORGETTABLE Festive Bash this year!

And of course if you need any help in organising something truly extraordinary for you and you team you know where we are...

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