OzParty Supplier Sign-Up

- Updated March 2017

Powering Events, Hospitality & Entertainment Businesses Across Australia. 


Why Partner with OzParty Events?

Whether you are a performing street magician or a multi-chain restaurant owner, we help put your entertainment services and event package offerings in the hands of customers who are researching, planning and booking their next event.

By seamlessly connecting customers to your product and services through our online destination, we make event planning more accessible, opening up more possibilities for customers and more leisure business for our hospitality partners.

We create your listing, do the marketing for you, manage the customer booking journey and take payment. So all you need to focus on is doing what you do best.

In short how does this work?

OzParty will advertise your products and services on our website and network of providers. There are no setup or subscription fees. We will check availability and send customer bookings to you via email. We will manage correspondence with customers on the lead up to the event date and process customer payments. We will make payment to you based on our agreed preferred net rates and in line with our supplier payment terms.

What are the minimum requirements to become a partnered supplier?

Eligible suppliers must hold a valid insurance certificate of currency and a valid ABN. 

How will I receive booking notifications?

Once availability has been confirmed with you via email, we will provide a booking confirmation to your nominated email address with the customer booking information.

How long do I have to confirm a booking?

We will check availability with you before sending the booking request across. If, after confirming availability, you can no longer service the booking you must notify us within forty-eight (48) hours. If we have not received notification to reject we will assume the booking is confirmed.

What information does the customer receive?

The customer receives a full itemised booking confirmation issued by OzParty. The booking confirmation will contain your business, contact, location and event package details.

Do I need to contact the customer before the event date?

We will look after all customer confirmations and communications before the event date. All customer communications pre-event must be via OzParty unless otherwise agreed.

How much should I invoice for?

Suppliers must prepare an itemised tax invoice in accordance with Australian Tax Office requirements for each booking based on the agreed net rate inclusive of GST.

How do I submit my invoice?

Itemised supplier invoices must be sent to admin@ozpartyevents.com within 5-days before the event date. For single customer bookings greater than $5,000 AUD a deposit invoice must be sent within 10-days post confirmation of booking.

What if the customer wants to purchase additional products/services on-event?

On-event customer purchases are at the discretion of the supplier. All additional customer purchases on-event must be managed and settled by the supplier.

When do I get paid?

For single customer bookings less than $5,000 AUD - Supplier Invoices will be paid 15-business days after the 'Event Date' (or the invoice date of issue - whichever is the former).

For single customer bookings greater than $5,000 AUD - OzParty will pay a 15% deposit on confirmation of supplier booking, followed by balance payment 15-business days after the 'Event Date'.

How do I get paid?

OzParty will pay by via EFT into the Suppliers nominated bank account, unless otherwise agreed.

Who do I contact if I have an accounts related query?

Please direct all booking related queries to accounts@ozpartyevents.com or 1800 OZ PARTY (697 278) Option 3.

Who do I contact if I have a booking related query?

Please direct all customer booking related queries to enquiries@ozpartyevents.com or 1800 OZ PARTY (697 278) Option 2.